APPLICATION FORM
  We here at Odoms Bulldogs welcome your inquiry about our puppies. We are very proud of our breeding program to produce some of the nicest pups for showing and or for being placed with you as a wonderful pet to add to your family. We ask that you fill out our questionnaire so that we have an idea about you to be able to place one our beautiful pups in your family. It is very important to us to know that you have the facilities, knowledge and ability to care for one of our puppies and to give it a very loving home. This is in the best interest of the puppy and you as a potential owner of a puppy. 
               Thanks for your time in filling out the questionnaire

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10. What are you looking for ? 

11. Do you see a pup on our site that you are interested in?

12.If so what is the name of this pup on our site 

13. What sex puppy are you looking for?                  

14. Are you wanting a show prospect puppy?  

15. Are you looking for a family pet?

16. Are you interested in showing your puppy?

17. Are you planning on breeding this dog?

18. If no would you be willing to sign a spay neuter contract?              

19. Do you have other animals in your household?

20. Do you have children that would love a puppy?

21. Are you familiar with these breeds of dogs?

22. Do you have a fenced yard that this puppy could run and play safely?

23. Do you have a Veterinarian that knows the bulldog breed?                                                                                                     
23. How did you locate us for inquiring about the Bulldogs?

                                                             Thanks Again
                                                           Odoms Bulldogs

Here are pics of past pups born at ODOMSBULLDOGS.